Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I am having a great day!
I looked at an office space this am with Pops. It is PERFECT for my business. Close by, close to a store, beautifully newly painted, will have new carpet. It is in a building that has priamrilly medical, so good fit. Waiting area, reception area, storage and 3 small offices for therapy. Location is GREAT. For the locals-Woodside at Alameda adjacent to Woodside Plaza. Okay-so the Lucky's nearby has a Starbucks in it.
It is a space I would like to grow into (by adding staff). But it will be a big financial commitment to take this on. Anyone out there interested, or know someone, who might want to sublease one of the small offices???

I had my intitial treatment session with a 6 year old who I am seeing for feeding issues. He has a limited self-selected diet often characterized by preference of one particular brand for foods. ex he will eat chips, but they have to be Tostito's white corn chips.
Well today was my 1st session with this darling, anxious little guy.
I got him to eat a new food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ate some Pirate Cannon Balls (like a big round, white CHeeto). AND he he was excited to take his new "surprise food" home to share with his family. Is that not cool??!!
I am using the Food Chaining approach. This is an approach created by an SLP, OT and dietician. Most of all the SLP seems to be a fabulous Mom, which is priceless in terms of creative thinking. You can check out website of same name.

Off to have dinner with the Hot Mama who is in the hospital on bedrest, as her twins have been trying to make an early escape. Good news is she is still holding on.

AJ having a rough time of it, but I will not let that interfer with the joy of this post.


  1. you deserve all beautiful days in your neighborhood. glad it was happy.

  2. yeay! for a good day!