Thursday, July 24, 2008

The big leap

I spoke to realtor again tonight. Pops and I have talked and crunched numbers and decided to go ahead with renting the office space I have been looking at. We have gone back and forth with the realtor and owner on price and carpet the pay for, carpet we pay for bla bla bla. And we are jsut about settled. Plan is I "commence" renting (which sounds like graduating to me) on Sept 1. I get free rent one week priorto that to allow me to move in. Works out perfect as I took off the last 2 weeks of Aug. I told kids today that I would be moving my office out of the house. "What do you think we should do with that empty room??" I asked them.
Ki said, "It can be my room!" (remember the 2 kids have been in our room for 2 years since Granny moved in and took the 3rd bedroom).
"What about Aj? CAn he share the room with you" I queried.
Ki, "Yeah, I guess?"
"How about we get some bunk beds?"
"YEAH! We can go to Ikeaa!"
"Well actually, I have soemone we are going to get them from."
"Doubletrouble?" asked Aj.
"Well no-the boys are still sleeping in those. But when Leslie and her family move we are going to buy Zen's bunkbeds."
Ki, "Are they cool?"
"Oh yeah!"
"Can I sleep on top?"

So later tonight I relayed to Pops that I had spoken to the realtor and confirmed our plans. I then relayed the conversation above. Poor Pops is experiencing Renters Remorse. He asked me, "Please tell me we are not renting that space just so you can get those bunk beds that are available in August."

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