Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your child has Asperger's if...

I pulled this from a website for products for kids with ASD. It may seem a bit black in its humor-but hey that is how we parents survive.

1. Then you marvel how he can actually do this and make sense!
Your child is fascinated that your skin can actually crawl and he lightly touches your bare arm to witness this incredible event.
You ask your son if he's ready to go to the Park and he doesn't answer right away because he's thinking about the last time he was in the park when he saw a toy car, which reminds him of the Toy Store, which reminds him that the Toy Store also sells dinosaur figures, which reminds him of a museum he went to 6 years ago, which reminds him......
Your child thinks there's nothing more fun than reading about the mechanics of a fan, unless of course he's explaining it to someone.
He simply does not see the point in making a car race down a ramp when you can turn it upside down and watch the wheels spin in unison.
He finds the word "ripple" hilarious, "dabble" bothers his ears and he firmly believes the word "tip-top" should be "top-tip"
You're late and you ask your child to please hurry and find his shoes. He finds them but doesn't put them on because you forgot to mention that part.
You ask your child which book he borrowed from the school library this week. He replies and then proceeds to tell you the name of every book and its author that he's borrowed from the library the entire year - in the order he borrowed them!
You know facts about things like the Homo erectus species who lived in bamboo forests with huge primates called Gigantopithecus and that the very first Europeans were called called Homo heidelbergensis.
Not only do you know these things but your child makes sure you never forget by explaining this era to you in detail, every moment he can.
His uncle explains that it was just a figure of speech when he said "My head is about to explode" and your child is devastated because he wanted to see what that would look like.
You'll never be silly enough to ask your child if you look fat because you know you'll get the truth.
You assume your six year old is mumbling to himself but on closer listening, you realize that he is actually reciting the Gettysburg Address.
You have no idea how your 6 year old even knows about the Gettysburg Address and where he could have possibly learned it.
Your child appears deep in thought when for no apparent reason, he suddenly bursts into laughter. He looks around surprised that no one else found his thought funny.

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