Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pops bday update

8 am pops opens his puzzle gift and puts together. Kids love it.
9 am Pops drives Aj to his game. Ki, Granny and I go to Wholee Foods and buy coffee and pastries for all and take to the game.
930 am Aj gets up and strikes out, again-but he holds it together. He and Pops have been practicing, but it is consistently coming together.
10 am Aj gets up and WACKS THE CRAP OUT OF THE BALL. It goes all the way onto the grass and is a single, but was worthy of a double or triple. Later he gets to cross home plate and count as a run for his team. He walks up to Pops and says, "Dad, that was your birthday hit!". Pops, was so touched he was speechless and had to step away to keep his emotions in check.
11 am over to Ki's game she has a couple good hits of the T and enjoys herself.
12;30 home for a quick lunch
1:15 pm I take kids to a block party birthday party where they ride scooters, bikes and play with water balloons and eat cotton candy and popcorn from the rented machines. I give Pops a reprieve to hang out at home on his bday.
4 pm home again. a nice nap for me.
6 ish we pack up kids, including a moaning Aj and head to jennyalice house. He reportedly turns out to be fine. Jennyalice and Decartes rock. They give the kids pizza, watch movies, read books and play. Kids are in heaven.
7 pm Pops and I sit down to dinner at Il fornioa. Yummy food-waitress makes an error with or entree order and comps us an extra dessert. Pops and I actually get to have an extended grown up conversation.
A brief walk around downtown PA
10 pm we arrive at watercourse way for our 1 1/2 hour stay in One Pine room. It has a jacuzzi, shower, sauna and cold plunge. So beautiful and peaceful.
12ish home with that warm and relaxed feeling. Go to bed with no kids sleeping in our room. we do still, however ave 2 labs and a cat join us.
6:15 am Aj and then Ki are up, and so is Jennyalice. On mothers day she is up at dawn watching MY kids! She evidently whipped out a pound of bacon and some other yummy breakfast items. Pops went and picked up kids and took them to store to buy food to come home and make Mothers day breakfast. He left me sleeping in bed while he drove around town.
9 am I am up and BG and I eat our great breakfast of omelet, hash browns and toast. I read the paper and check the blogs of buddies.
1022am what a nice weekend!!! Troops are restless/Time to decide if we are going on a picnic or to the zoo or something else.

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