Monday, March 17, 2008

My Sweet Guinea Pig Buddy

Buddy the guinea pig has been a mainstay in my office for over a couple of years. He is a beautiful tri-color, long haired pig. Sad news here, I looks like he will die in the next few days. He has had a cough, but as I checked his water before we left town yesterday it was apparent that he is severely ill. It is hard to know how much money to spend on a pet... I held him for a bit and pet him. I feel sad and a bit guilty. At this point I hope he dies quickly so he is not in pain. I am glad I am not at home or I would be obsessed with both going in to and avaoiding the office. I don't want to have to find him dead and deal with that. Another reason why I hope he dies while we are gone. Fortunately, the kids do not seem too attached to him.

Poor jennyalice agreed to feed, walk and water the zoo. Nice of me to leave her a dying pet. She really doesn't care for the rat-footed piggies, so I guess that is good. No sadness for her.

I am not sure what to do with his body. Should I bury it in the back yard? Frankly, there isn't really a good spot that isn't lawn or root bound. But I don't know that I feel comfortable putting him the trash-even if he is wrapped up nicely. Thoughts? I'll talk to Pops also.

Many of my past and current speech clients are in love with Buddy. Kids who no longer see me still ask their Mom's about Buddy. He is fed many times a day by his adoring fans. He has patiently tolerated many a dump of hay on his head, turning up-side down of his house and the flinging of food pellets. As well, he has allowed my 2labs to stick their tongues in between the squares on the cage or to push the cage around so that they could eat little morsels from his cage.

I need to let the parents of the kids I see know that Buddy will be gone when they return after spring break. I may contact my teacher friend at the preschool mentioned below on how she is handling the demise of Wilbur with her preschoolers. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the kids who have been fond of him.

I do have Sammy the guinea pig. He lives in the family room. He was supposed to be a companion for Buddy-but he seemed more interested in trying to kill Buddy-hence his home in the famly room. I could move him in-but it is not a straight trade out as Sammy has funky long hair, is mostly white and unfortunately has pink colored eyes. But he is very sweet, likes to be pet and eats like a horse. Oh-and my husband would love to get rid of the pig in the family room. But it would be fun to get a baby piggie to raise. I could have a contest with clients and family to name him/her.
Updates to follow.

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  1. hey, I'm not an ogre, the little things just scare the heck out of me! Buddy is still alive as of Tuesday evening, and you are more than welcome to bury him on my front hill if you like.. then you can wave to him whenever you drive down the hill.?