Monday, March 10, 2008

I, the sandwich

I remember when Granny first moved in my friend Bea pointed out that I was living the sandwich generation. You know-taking care of your kids and parents at the same time.
I told her the good news was that the 2 pieces of bread really got along great.

Fast forward nearly 2 years. Aj has gotten more volatile and Granny has lost her skills at modulating her responses to the kids. Two weeks ago I had an evening meeting to go to and Pops was due home 45 minutes after I left. I put sandwiches ready to be grilled and a hunk of ham on the counter. Evidently, Alex wanted some ham and either was or wasn't using a knife to cut the ham. He and Granny got into a disagreement. Then Aj kicked Granny in the shin. Now if this isn't bad enough, Granny has the old-lady skin that splits and bleeds if you snort at it. The result was a BIG gash on her leg. This was just 2 inches from another slow-healing sore on her leg that was from her walking into a toy in the family room.
Last week her leg began to look infected and I took her to the doctor.
The role of her poor memory meant that on the way to the doctor she asked 10 times (I counted) why we were going. Also, when the doctor said, "So, how did you do this?". She said she didn't remember.
So in the sandwich life, I am working to hold it all together and not leave the bread without the filling.
I don't want to find out what it means when Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services go to battle with me in the middle.

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