Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Pops and I also had not been here since we visited when dating-some 13 or 14 years ago. So, yes, it has changed.
I LOVE IT. Anyone would.
I see why Leelo loves it. Aj was in heaven. For kids in our tribe it is SUPER-DUPER tremendous.
Let's just think about the joys found there from the perspecitve of an ASD, PDD-NOS type of mind.
RUNNING water in many places
You can stand in a glass enclosed space and have waves pour over your head-and stay dry. Or go to the space outside and the mist from the waves will tickle you.
Sardines. I have a whole new appreciation for those stinky, icky fish that I have no intention of ever eating. They are shiney silver swimming bullets. But get this, they swim in large schools in CIRCLES. There is even one aquarium that is over-head in a dome shape. Let's just get the gang together and we can all lie on our backs under that dome and hve one big stim session. It could be a "stim in", you know like a sit in.
THE JELLY FISH. Wildly amazing jelly fish in tanks with brilliant blue backgrounds. These kick ass over a lava lamp anyday.

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