Saturday, October 06, 2007

I, Bitch

It is 1:30 pm.
My fuze is already pretty much gone.
AJ raging, then raging more
me saying the same thing again and again and again
Ki crying, whining (often appropriately so, as AJ as just thumped her)
Granny asking the same thing again and again
Pops is at the club today working (not for money)
He leaves town for a week, in a week
Then when he is back hunting season starts and he is gone every Sat am
I dread these winter months when it comes to SAt's

Today this lady in Taco Bell said, "You are very patient". Obviously, I had kids and Granny in tow. I thought I should be honest and told her that I was trying to breathe deep, and then I thanked her

It is such a blessing that I can't drink alcohol


  1. You should come to breakfast at the cafe with us on Sat. mornings. The kids can be as rowdy as they want and at least it's not home! We're usually there around 9.

    What I mean by this is 1) sorry you're going through it 2) often a change of scenery can help, even if getting everyone out of the house is hard, and 3) I am realizing that I no longer get to see you several times a week at school/your home. Miss you lots.

  2. yikes, sorry to hear about the hard day/week/life. It truly sucks.

    Don't have much advice to offer, I too feel like loosing it sometimes, and then I howl like a wolf on top of my lungs. It doesn't change anything (actually the kids think it is kind of funny) but I feel slightly better afterwards.
    Hang in there. Big hug.

  3. I'm sorry bubs. You are patient. I've seen it. and I drink enough for both of us, and I am not telling my husband that your husband goes hunting every Saturday. No way. Let's go to breakfast with Squid and take over the cafe!