Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Testing...1,2,3 testing

AJ's triannaual IEP is next week. Or at at least the 1st meeting. As I mentioned previously, I said I wouldn't consent to testing until all providers emailed myself, and each other, with what tests they were going to give. Then I found the fabulous neuropsych. I met with her Friday 1 1/2 weeks ago. She is a hip, yet earthy, gal who does come across as quite intelligent and experienced. The best part of the interaction was my leaving feeling/knowing that she gets all the pieces. She gets sensory issues, stimming, processing, attention, language deficits, anxiety. She knows all those pieces and I believe will be able to really sort out AJ's picture. Hopefully things can get easier because his rages are wearing me down. Ki is also more effected by AJ and his wacky behavior lately. He yells and hits and plays too rough. Kind of typical brother stuff-but a couple notches higher. She is beginning to hit him first and say things like, "I wish AJ lived somewhere else." It can't help that the phrase that he is currently stuck stimming on and saying multiple times a day is, "Kiki is a poopoo head." He wanders around saying it all through out the day. Almost like the "It's a Small World" song being lodged in your head. I can only complain so much because this phrase replaces the prior perseverative favorite, "mama toot". In which "toot" means "fart" in our house. "Mama toot" could be shouted, whispered, hummed, and produced with a variety tunes. Often in succession, too. Like this, "mama toot. MAMA TOOT. MAAMAA TOOOOT!!!"
So, I do feel her pain.
Be careful about spending too much time at our house. The next phrase could include YOUR name and a body function.


  1. so glad the neuro psych is everything you need. I will also volunteer to be named and shamed if it will keep Ki a happy girl.

  2. We had a great experience with the same psych for Moon's triannual, last year. I had the impression that she really "got" him, which is always a nice feeling.
    hugs, and keep breathing deeply.