Friday, September 07, 2007

Random thoughts

Seems I am not alone in being techno challanged, as Double Trouble is also requesting assist in how to modify her blog. Those fancy friends of mine with links and photos n their texts are much more exciting. I have the goal of learning how to put pics in. I love taking pics. Today I volunteered to take pics of each of the kids in AJ's class, and a class photo. It was fun meeting each child briefly. I hate introducing myslef as "Mrs K.". It kills me, but I know that is what they do at school, so I vascillated between "Mrs K.", "AJ's Mom" and just "J.". The girls are really into Hannah Montana, which both cracks me up and terrifies me at the same time
Hey, I tried a link there for Hannah Montana! Thanks jennyalice for the advice!!!!
Now I am really a Hot Mama.

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  1. Whooooo ohooooo Good job Sage.. so proud of you.
    Thanks for taking car eof my doggies!