Sunday, January 28, 2007

PTA 1st mtg

SPECTAR 1st mtg. went great! People showed up that we had no idea were coming! Mom's from other classes, 2 unexpected district people. People seemed very interested. It was even fun despite having to go over bylaws and election stuff.
Sherrie translated to Spanish for a couple of women. 2 people off the floor joined the board, and we seem to have locked in on babysitters for other events. We all introduced ourselves and briefly described our kids. This was a nice touch to add to the sense of community.
We, the originators, were all excited.
43 members signed up (some of them off site grandparents and fathers etc) we ended up with over $400. in membership fees. Part goes to the district and state PTA-but most stays with us and viola we have a started a small, but actual budget!!!
Mon night I go to a mtg to present spectar to district wide PTA's.
I feel the external support for this group and it imakes me happy!!

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