Sunday, January 28, 2007

from Jan 22 or 23-justnow posting

Wow. What a day.
I got my hair cut! Woo hoo! Not only has it been months since a haircut. This time it actually has a style. Of course I said I would commit to blow drying, time will tell. Likely “okay” if I don’t blow dry-better if I do and even better if I can ever figure out how the stylist did it!
SF Examiner called yesterday to interview about spectar, the special ed pta I am involved in creating. Then they wanted a picture, and the photographer would come to me. Yikes! I ran out of the house to get my hair cut.
When the photographer arrived he suggested taking my picture with the dog. Kind of ironic b/c he had no idea how much I adore her, or that she is an integral part in my therapy day, etc. He wanted to take my pic with AJ, as he is the child of mine I have identified as having special needs. AJ wasn’t home-but I wouldn’t have done it anyway. And I asked that both of my children be listed so as not to single him out. He is fully included in a regular ed class-I don’t want his pic plastered on some paper as the special needs kid. I have concerns even about putting myself out there; as it not-so-indirectly implies my kids who both can at times “fly under the radar” of looking “typical”.
The first formal mtg of spectar, with “installation” of officers a signing up of charter members, is tomorrow night. I am excited and a bit nervous. But I know it will go great. Even if there are only 15 of us! Hopefully, there will be a fair number of people.
I feel so supported in this endeavor. What was also great about today was that the PTA Pres of my kid’s school called me. (I am also on that PTA board as secretary). She is planning so that next Monday I can attend a mtg of the district various pta/ptos and talk about specter. This is great!
Also got a call from the county provider I contract with and it looks like more clients are headed my way. Yippee!!!
A fabulous day indeed.

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