Friday, January 05, 2007

Escrow Closes

I've been workign thru the sellin gof Mom's condo escrow, termites, house inspectors etc for the last month. It caused me some anxiety, as I have no idea what I am doing. I am so grateful for the realtor we had. She is a friend of my Mom's and just walked me thru everything and really went the extra mile. Including making less than the other realtor on the sale. I trusted her implicitly and it was nice to be able to feel that way. My brother checked in often to see how things were going and said he could fly out here 9from Texas) if he was needed.
So today I got the final message on the machine. Escrow has closed. It is a done deal. I thought I would feel releived and happy. Instead, I felt a bit sad. It is a marker, another clear chapter closure on that part of her life and my life. I grew up in that town and readily traveled there to stay and visit Mom, Dad and his wife and the few remainig friends there. Mom and her condo were my anchor there. It won't ever be that way again. Some how it just hit me now and I am mourning that chapter closing.

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