Sunday, August 20, 2006

The First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Ki enters kindergarten and A. will be in second grade. We've transferred A. to our home school-so he and Ki will be together. I am a bit anxious, as I always am, about entering community situations with "typical" kids and families. Also, the families in this area tend to be wealthy. That with my own insecurities and my atypical family tends to make me shut down socially. But I have been trying to gear myself up so I don't end up shutting myself out-as I did at Iron Gate. Many of the kinder families will be new to the school-so that is good. I already really put my head out there and volunteered to take a position on the PTA board. Should be interesting. Tomorrow there is a meet and greet coffee. I am going to go to that. Some of the best news is that many of those my "special family" will be at Raincloud school,too. That is b/c the special ed day class for kindergarten is there. So Leelo, Maximilian, Ditto and their fabulous families will be there. Oooh Yeah! There are a few other families I know as well. Pops and I went to the school with the kids today to find their classrooms. Both kids brought their new backpacks. A. Is a bit obsessed with pushing and pulling things (suitcases, wagons, grocery carts etc), so the new Spiderman backpack on wheels is heavenly. He took off walking it around the school and wasn't seen for another 15 minutes.
The kids are 2 doors down from one another and across a very small lot where the special ed kinder class is. So nice. I have to say we are off to a better start than we have been the past 2 years. The inclusion spec JT, is new to the district but not this job. He seems very motivated, thoughtful and organized. He had all of A's "stuff" dropped off prior to 1st day of school (slant board etc). Also he pulled together a nice file for the classroom teacher and called her before school started. I have only fair feelings about the aide-so we shall see.
Ki's new backpack is a car. I indirectly edged her from Spiderman, though I would have gotten if she really wanted it. She was hot on the mutant ninja turtles for a bit. But I know she really only briefly knows about them and I think they can be a bit violent-so I said no to that one. She got new brown and blue kangaroo shoes that she is in love with. It was that or the spiderman tennis shoes. No dresses for us. Lots of cropped pants. Also, 2 skorts. They are acceptable b/c of the shorts hidden underneath. She sees it as a funny surprise that the shorts are there. Then again, she wanted to wear pants tomorrow. So hopefully the funny surprise isn't on me now that we have 2 skorts with 3 matching shirts. Pics to come.
For my first day back to school, Kurt and I bought new cell phones. And I got a Palm Treo!!!! It has phone, camera, tape recorder, video recorder, PALM, internet (broadband), etc. WOW! Soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mama Bea of the "Hot Mamas" special Moms group is hosting mimosas at her house in the am to celebrate the start of school. Such fun. I am ready to enter the routine of the school year, madness and all.

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