Friday, August 25, 2006

Bed, Bed, whose bed is this?

Now that granny is living with us for a bit, we gave her the kids room and put the kids in with us. There is plenty of room. But still the bed roulette continues. I am surprisingly use to the madness of it.

The nightly routine:
7:45 pm Ki goes to sleep in grannies bed. She can't go to sleep in the same room as A. b/c he snorts, screeches or sings as part of his wind down to sleep and she goes nuts. Or of course he teases her about liking princesses.
8:15 pm A. goes to sleep in my and Pops bed. He prefers it.
10 pm. Granny is ready for bed. I go and get Ki out of Granny's bed and carry her to her futon bed in our room.
11 pm. Pops goes to bed and moves A. to his bed, also in our room.
11:30 I climb into bed with Pops.
1 am. I have been waking to 1 of 2 possible scenarios:

1. Ki whimpering in the bathroom. I get out of bed and hunt her down in the bathroom, sitting on the rug.
"Ki, what's wrong!?"
She sobs, "My blankets are messed up." Why that landed her in the bathroom is unclear.
I carry her back to her bed and realize the reason the blankets are messed up is b/c they are wadded up at the foot of the bed and are being anchored down by our snoring 65-pound lab.
"There's a dog in my bed!!!!" (As if it were a new dog).
"Oh, SiSi loves you and wants to cuddle!"
I pull the nearly comatose dog onto the floor, "Okay Brown, come sleep over here." This was repeated the following night. It was then that I realized I needed to find Sisi a place that was more desirable to sleep on then Ki's futon bed. mmmmm I pulled her dog bed onto the floor and put her blanket on it. One more obstacle to occasionally trip over. However, an occasional trip will beat out the nightly whimper concert from the bathroom.

2. While fully asleep I am awakened by, "Mommie, can I sleep in your bed?". Lying on my side I open 1 eye to find myself face-to-face with Ki, who is already pulling on the lower sheet to gain momentum and swing into our elevated bed.
"No!" I throw out before I realize the small face will crumble in response. It is just that I know that if I let her in once, she will expect to spend every night there from 1 am on, and I will physically suffocate stuffed between her and Pops.
"Well, how about I take you back to your bed (6 feet away) and sit a bit."
I carry Ki to the futon bed (a futon folded in half on the floor) and I climb in. Only now do I fully realize the "bed" is only about 5 Ft long and I am forced to contort to fit in with pillow and all. I fall asleep anyway. At 3 am I wake up stiff and stumble back to my bed.

I'm headed to bed now. Here's to sleeping in the same bed, just with Pops, all night long....

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