Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did I mention...

Did I mention that while I was in Southern Ca moving Mom up here that:

- e-coli was found in the drinking water somewhere and for 24hrs we weren't supposed to be drinking the tap or shower water (you can guess how well my son and Mom adhered to and remembered that)

-it was 85-90 degrees and humid while I packed up Moms house

-A had a melt down...or two

-the dog tried to swim off to china in the ocean

-I pulled things out of the cupboards and Mom put them back later

-the night before we left Mom was drinking and agitated that we needed to stay and "clean all this up". She asked about this multiple times. I felt crazy

-I badly pulled a muscle in my right calf 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave and drive North. I had a melt down.

-I couldn't walk and needed to get crutches. Mom told Kurt she called the Thrift store and they had crutches-Good news! She just wasn't sure which Thrift store she had called.

-Upon return to the Bay area Mom and I stopped so I could pick up my hubby's car at a friends. It had been hit by a guy driving a UHAUL the day before (Okay that is just weird). (The driver was kind and left his name and number)

-there is so much furniture and crap here it looks like a resale store

-People keep asking "How was your vacation?" and then I wanna kick them.

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