Sunday, December 18, 2005

Feeling good

I stayed up till 2 am last T night. I spent the evening working on compiling the reader for the graduate speech class I'll teach in the fall, and individually decorating gingerbread cookies for my amiga's in my book club. We have a cookie swap every year at holiday time. I found this cute set of cookie cutters and used them to design individual sets of cookies for each member in the book club and their family-ex for Jo 1 man cookie (her husband), 1 woman (her), 1 dog (Rocky) and 1 house (theirs). Each was individually painted with a variety of colors. My husband thought I was nuts as the house looked like a bomb went off (as only my house can look) and I am frosting cookies. But it made me happy!
The next day one friend from the book club left a heart warming message on my machine about how much she appreciated the time and thoughtfulness put into the cookies and that she thought I was an amazing woman. (Not just b/c of the cookies I am assuming!!!). So nice of her! Really made my day and again a reminder to take the time to let others know our warm thoughts about them.
On Fri I went to IEP with Mama B about Bobbie. She and I are good friends and I see him for speech therapy. In the past I have been concerned about being involved in IEPS's in the district in which my son is in. Particularly since the majority of the players I know and many are also on A's team of providers. But I have to say thought it went really well. I knew that some of the professionals and the parent's of Bobbie were interested in him having an aide. During meetings I have learned over time to wait till all the data has been put out and then to restate it in an objective fashion and offer ideas that sound data based. And I was thinking the professionals (teacher and therapists) often feel they can't push for more services and the parents (or ones like me) don't want to rock the boat too much. Me in this situation, really I think, little to nothing to lose. And I felt like I was able to offer some good insight and functional ideas. It made me feel good and offered reassurance that I am doing the right thing with my work.

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