Monday, February 08, 2010

Nice research findings

I found a research study summary in my professional journal that brought a smile to my face (see link below). Basically a longitudinal study of kids from age 5 to 25. Participants included kids with language delays/disorders, kids with speech (articulation disorders) and typical kids. The majority of the kids with language difficulties persisted with lower language, cognitive and occupational skills then typical peers at age 25. I am not surprised by that. What made me happy is the news that the individuals rated their quality of life to be just as good as the typical group. There was of course a strong correlation with family support.

Long ago I decided that my goal for Aj was for him to be happy. Not Harvard, Stanford or maybe even any college graduate-but happiness. My hope is that he will grow up to be a happy individual who can contribute to society. I am confident this will be the case.

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  1. I always think of AJ as a happy, happy kid. It just seems to be part of his fabric.