Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothering a naked 2 year old

Went to visit my girlfriend on this sweltering day. I was greeted by her exuberant and naked nearly 3 year old daughter. Naked is fine with me-it's hot and I would consider joining her if I wasn't on my way back to work.
We all had lunch and hung out.
Later during my visit my friend's voice rang out in that parental I-am-irritated-with-you tone.

That is not okay
Stop that
Do not put cookies in your vagina
Do you hear me
Say it back to me, "Cookies do not go in my vagina"
Throw that cookie out

Amazingly enough-our conversation picked right up where we had been. Having had toddlers and special needs kids we are unflappable.


  1. Oh Good God, that is great. Parenting. You cannot make this stuff up.

  2. Hilarious. I love the end....Throw that cookie out.

  3. I agree with SPT - you can't make this stuff up. and what great parenting.