Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adam Lambert and Idol

Truth be told I have always been a Danny Gokey fan. He seems so wholesome. Kris (who?) Allen has been the dark horse. But, ahhh-a mid-western darling.

I just watched the show and did a bit of research and can now tell you that Adam is from my part of the state. Check out part of his bio:

Lambert, 27, grew up in Rancho Peñasquitos. He moved here from Indiana with his parents when he was 1 and attended Deer Canyon Elementary School, Mesa Verde Middle School in Poway and Mt. Carmel High School, where he was in theater, choir and jazz band. He has one sibling, a younger brother.

Yeah, okay so I went to Poway High and Mt Carmel was our big rival. Fun to note. Not so fun to note is that he was born the year I graduated from Poway High.

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