Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smarty Pants?

Pops and I decided to have Ki tested for possible admission to the local public smarty pants school (NS). Previously, I was never interested in considering having her got there. It would mean 2 different schools for our family. I am not worried about AJ feeling he is not smart b/c she would got there. That is not how how processes. But I had liked the idea of her being around him to potentially help him out if there was any bullying. I saw if. I mean when.
She took the test today and said it was "easy", although they are not given any feedback on how they are doing. She wasn't stressed at all, so that's good.
There are other hoops to jump through besides her passing the academic and reasoning tests. They look at the past 3 or 4 report cards, the child's written form of why they want to go there and the parents written form along the same lines. These are rated with some sort of a point system. Points are also given if the child has a sibling at the school, they are from a school in PI, they are on free/reduced lunch program, and/or they have a parent who works at the school. She won't get any of those points. SOOoo she would have to pass the tests then go into the lottery after all of the kids who passed and got points otherwise. So I think it is pretty unlikely.
One of the main reasons I wanted to consider this is that she is having a tough time making friends. She keeps to herself often, is a bit socially awkward and hates all things girl. So she likes the boys, but not the rough and tumble boys. She is telling me how it is hard for her to make friends and sometimes she plays alone at recess. I see the other kids just moving aroun here at times as if she isn't there. So perhaps smartypants school would give her a new opportunity with some kids, many of whom are also likely a bit quirky, too.
I believe that whatever path we go down will be the best one.


  1. I'm glad Ki wasn't stressed out about the test. When do you find out?

  2. Ki is such a fabulous kid. I have said many times (and I'll say it again), if I had a daughter, I'd want her to be just like Ki.