Friday, January 09, 2009

HELLLOOOOO!!! Capturing a moment

Yes, I am alive, but not to much into writing of late.
Right now.
Friday 5 pm ish.
I am sitting in the living room with Sisi on the coach beside me. Generally, I avoid this room because it can be cold, I don't like sitting on the couch and it is dark.
Well today i am quite a wiz. i brought in the lamp from my bedside, fired up my new IPOD Nano in its new logitech portable speaker and lit a fire. It is a good life moment for me.

Granny is in the dining room playing solitaire and sipping her sherry. I forgot to hide it in my bedroom again. But at least I did remember to water it down. I do wonder what the house keepers think when they find a gallon of cheap wine sitting on my bedroom floor.

Aj and Ki in the family room and Aj actually has a play date! I guess Ki is on the play date too. My kids are never invited on play dates,so this is exciting. They played outside with dog and played basketball and soccer and are now playing with the Wii. A sure crowd pleaser.

Back in the routine of school and work now. Busy but good so far. Work is busier. I am doing well. I can always take on more clients, but it is good. Need to rent my second office out until I have enough clients to hire an SLP.

Kids start basketball next week. 1 practice a week, 1 game on Sat.
Both in the upcoming play Aladdin end of Feb. 2 rehearsals a week.
Social group 1 time a week.
Busy. But good.

Pops changing his work schedule next week to allow me to see more after school clients. He will work 10 hour days MWF and 5 hour days TTH so he can take the kids TTH afternoons. he will leave for work at 6:30 5 days a week. He is a champion. We will hopefully have a summer schedule that is less gruelling for him.

My keys to success:
1. Plan what meals (dinner) and snacks will be and shop 1 time a week. Or atleast one big shop. Sometimes I do Trader J and grocery and/or Costc.
2. Have kids and I pick out our clothes, shoes etc the night before.
3. Pack back-packs the night before.
4. Stay up on laundry and dry cleaning
5. Leave my office clean.
Anyone else have ideas for successfully managing life and kids and volunteer work and work and, oh ya, yourself.


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