Monday, September 15, 2008

This brought tears to my eyes

Today I received this evite for a client of mine. First I was touched to have both myself AND my somewhat wacky family included. Then I kept reading...

Your family is invited to help B. celebrate his third birthday with a roaring game of bowling. Please join us at 1:30 and then afterwards at our house for cake. No gifts please. If you feel compelled to do something to recognize Ben's big day, please make contributions to the Special Ed PTA of Redwood City in honor of Judy McCrary Koeppen, Ben's pal and speech therapist extraordinaire. ( Hope to see you there! xo


  1. How wonderful. You are loved *and* respected for all the wonderful work you do in your life.

  2. And your post brought tears to my eyes too.

  3. did you forget, even for a moment how much we all treasure you?

    you are a gem.

  4. wow. this brought tears to my eyes too, for you.

    love, mb