Sunday, September 07, 2008


Where have I been? Not writing much lately. Thoughts and updates as they randomly stream out of my brain:
-I think the republicans could win. People seem enamored with Palin. Who needs that stress

-School started. So far so good.

-Aj has a male aide, teacher, inclusion specialist and principal. SLP remains his favorite and skilled young woman. Should present a very different dynamic.

-Aj played goalie for a qtr at his soccer game and was absolutely incredible. A good spot for a guy with SI and fair safety awareness. One gets to dive on the ground on top of a ball, and if your lucky you'll inadvertently knock someone over who will land on top of you. You get to stick your arms and head in swarms of kicking feet. But since you have a high pain tolerance and are not fearful, it is all good. How nice it was to hear acquaintances and friends cheering,"Alright Aj!"

-Ki continues to be my very beautiful girl who loves all things boy. I feel sad that she seems stuck.

-Clinic space is a go. I signed a lease. I chose paint.I get it this week and am planning to be "open" on Monday. yet I am unsure how that is all going to come about.

-My Dad and his wife will be nearby for an event and so are also visiting and staying in hotel nearby on Th and Fri in order to visit. Of course it is the same time I am trying to move into clinic and Aj is his volatile self, Ki is whiney. He and his wife, Atta, are both very fond of my Mom. They will be shocked to see how she has declined.

-I need more clients

-lots of things feel/are "pressing"

- tired-more emotionally then physically

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