Saturday, August 02, 2008


That's my new log. Or I think it is. It was time to change it as the other one didn't quite fit. It was an ancient symbol of wisdom. But only I knew that and jennyalice thought it looked like I'd be burning incense and talking about how your kids chakras were causing their communication deficits.
In the new logo I see 3 people in a circle of communication. In Pops mind he sees a Big Breasted Betty. Thoughts?


  1. i see smiley faces. mb

  2. I see boobs. Aaron sees a parent with 2 children. Boobs or not, I like it.

  3. I tweaked it slightly...what about

    gets the "boobs" at an angle

  4. Yeah, and I couldn't figure out why one of the boobs was purple - swelling maybe? Jennyalice, would it be possible to center the purple and light green heads over their respective arms? I think perhaps the fact that the dark green "person" is centered and the other 2 aren't makes it harder for me to capture the other 2 in the image. Despite, or perhaps because of, the boob image, i really do like this logo!!! And congratulations on moving forward on your business!!!