Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rub-a-dub-dub, Three in the tub

AJ, Ki and I have been all taking a bath together for some time now. It is a sweet time to chat, play and catch up on everyone’s day. (I realize it is not for the body conscious family, but it has worked for us). I can vouch that we are saving an amazing amount of water with this “family bath” format. But unfortunately, the kids are getting bigger, and alas, so am I. Despite the roomy oval shaped tub, it is now a tight fit. We align ourselves in the head-to-tail arrangement found in a can of sardines. Just prior to the end of the bath we rearrange sitting up in a straight line and do our mock toboggan sled race. In addition to getting larger, they are also getting older, and, sadly, I wonder if it is time to pull the plug on this family plan.
For awhile it was confusing as to who needed to wash their vagina and who needed to wash their penis. AJ kept declaring he had a vagina. Something I hoped he wouldn’t go public with. Vagina envy is not as widely accepted as the alternative.
Pubic hair has proved to be of only occasional mild interest, as are my breasts-which seem to be old news. However, the fun of rolling & pushing around my fat belly and placing small items in the pond formed by my belly button has provided endless fun.
I thought we had all the body parts appropriately named and understood. But a recent trio bath proved otherwise. I was having my period and forgot about this prior to entering the tub. Suddenly, AJ declared, “Mama, why do you have a string coming out of your penis?”. Wow, where to begin to answer. Perhaps it is not yet time to end the family scrub sessions.

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