Sunday, January 29, 2006

The hospital experience in A's mind

A. has an EXCEPTIONALLY high pain tolerance. I mean scarey high. I am certain it is a component of his sensory integration disorder (SID). Half the tears he shed over his horribly broken arm were not about the pain, but about fear of the situation and distress over messing with his routine. In a kid with autism/autistic tendencies and/or SID the the tears and distress are about different things. In this case:
not getting the milkshake he'd been promised (b/c now we knew we were looking at surgery and anesthesia)
being in the hospital past bedtime
having to take his underwear off
my head in the way of the tv screen
My positive guy found great joy in:
spending the night in the hospital
breakfast in bed
the cover over the plate of food-which contained his favorite eggs and bacon
the tv on the ceiling having Disney Channel
The ER had individual apple computers at bedside on carts-you could choose the movie or show you wanted to watch. The morning after the surgery we had a hoo-ha b/c he wanted to go back to the ER for the computer. When these are the memory highlights-clearly the pain wasn't too bad.
In fact it all seemed so good Ki says she wants to break her leg.

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