Monday, September 19, 2005

What is that you're eating?

Today I took my son, A, to run a couple errands directly after school. A step up for me from letting him gaze at the glow of the tv for too long. We went to the library and got some books (I got books for him and he dinked around). Then we went to my favorit coffee drive-thru. The best latte in town, cold or iced! Well he asked for something. Usually I don't get him anything because it will become "routine" for him in his little "I love routine" kind of mind. "Routine" in this case can mean: if I did it once in that order and it was something I liked, then I will certainly expect event B to follow event A again next time! Well I felt bad he was asking for something when he hadn't had a snack or drink yet. So I got him a kid sized Italian soda. Well $2.00 and 3 blocks later it was already gone! Geee, I get to look forward to a big hooha next time when I try to say no.

Next we went to Pet Co. Did you know they have a dog biscuit bar laid out that looks like a fully loaded salad bar for dogs? Or well not just for dogs. They have "dog biscuits" that look like chocolate chip and oreo cookies. That's right, A wrapped up his snack there by stealing back to the "cookie bar" every chance he got. I looked over at one point and his cheeks were just packed full. He just cracks me up. There was no telling him those were dog biscuits. Dog biscuits were abviously at the end of the bar in the shape of a bone, and he wasn't eating those.

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