Monday, September 26, 2005

IEP and OT Goals

We have an IEP meeting tomorrow. It is amazing to me that we the parents, 2 therapists, are put into a position to feel that we need to fight for appropriate, quality therapy services. I feel embarrassed, ashamed and outraged that some professional colleagues operate this way. And I feel pissed that the school districts push them to operate this way by giving them caseloads consisting of a buttload of kids (a buttload is a lot).
ps. "buttload" come up on the spell check. I guess that is not an approved word.

Only "shit" is approved.
The recommended replacement for "fuck" is "Fuji". Atleast it is a capitalized word.

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  1. Blogger's spell check also doesn't recognized "blog" or "blogging." There's some lame irony for you.

    If you go to your Blogger settings, click on the "Comments" tag, and then choose "yes" for the "Show Word Verification" line, that should block any more comment spam.