Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sometimes you get a break

I have to say I am quite pleased! I got a call today that a woman is available to take care of the kids part-time this summer. This allows me to work at Iron Door and work at home without kids there. Also , gives me a break from kids and a chance for them to do more stimulating things than watch TV-especially Alex.
So get this-my babysitter/nanny/tutor has 2 masters, one of which is in speech therapy. You read that right AND I am paying her $12 an hr. She is Canadian and can't legally work until her green card arrives. Lucky me her dates correspond with mine. I will try and make it beneficial to her by letting her look at and copy any of my materials and perhaps observe some sessions with family/client approval, because I like to be nice and because I feel quilty. Oh sigh of relief...

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