Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letter to the school -both sent on the same day

I have just finished signing and putting in Ajs backpack that we received his progress report.
I did not share it with him. 
My dear boy, my husband and I work hours everyday and on the weekend on homework. 
He shouldn't have mostly D's and F's as final grades. 
I brought this up at the iep and ended up with this horrid progress report and no contact or call from anyone on his team.
I believe he can be successful with modification of some of the work and a lot of communication from the teachers and aide. 
We are devoted to him and making this work, but we need some help from his team at school. 
Please let me know your ideas and I will do the same. 

life is fatiguing me lately...


  1. Oh honey. I too believe Aj is capable of mastering the material -- with modifications to homework & inclass assignments.

    Your heart must be aching.

  2. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Hey luv,
    didn't realize this was going on. Give me a howler if you want support/idea/help.
    hugs. Captain Blog