Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sometimes feeling forgotten

That's my Ki. If I say to the 2 kids in the car, "You (meaning plural) can have ice cream for dessert!" Ki often says, "Can I, too?"
Now this is not a lanuge problem but a kind of Eeyore trait whereby she thinks she has been forgetten, gotten the short end of the stick etc. This and her frequent reports of injury and illness I believe prompted out recent exchange.
(As you may know A broke his arm and was casted and 2 weeks later Pops was in a sling for 6 weeks following a shoulder injury.)

Driving over to the coast one weekend day.
Ki, "Mommie, my eyebrow hurts."
me, "I'm sorry, when we get there I'll give it a kiss."
Ki, "I think it's broken."
me, "Oh dear."
Ki, "I think I need to go to the hospital."
me, "Oh my."
Ki, "Well, maybe not now. We could go after the beach."
me, "Okay."

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